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Jeremy Brereton

Production Manager

A graduate of the University of the West Indies in the field of Agriculture, Jeremy has a passion for agriculture and food manufacturing. Having spent 9 years in the milk processing industry, he now transitions to the meat processing industry as the Production Manager. Previously, he has served in key areas such as Farm Advisory/Production and Logistics. Jeremy has experience and knowledge of working with Food Safety and HACCP systems. Using these experiences, he endeavours to ensure HIPAC’s customers always receive the highest quality products.

Dedicated, creative, articulate are the words that best describe Jeremy who joined the HIPAC team in 2021. Using the motto to strive always for excellence, Jeremy brings vision and vigour to his post as Production Manager.

Outside of the office Jeremy is a lover of all things sports related and experimenting in the kitchen. His favourite Farmer’s Choice product is the HAM of course! Therefore, for him every season is Ham Season!