We pride ourselves on completely honest and transparent business dealings with all of our valued suppliers, here at HIPAC Limited. Our word is our bond and we expect the same from all our suppliers. Whilst striving continually to improve the value proposition of our purchases, we have a group of trusted suppliers who are typically rewarded with reliable, repeat business. Having relatively few excellent suppliers is our preferred model for procurement of input materials. Our most esteemed suppliers know that the high standards we set for the products we proudly manufacture require top quality materials and services. Additionally, they provide much more than a simple supply – they know enough about our business and industry that they knowledgeably share and promote product development and business-process improvement ideas, trends, materials and products to us.

If you are representing a potential new supplier to HIPAC Limited, you will probably find us cautious but deliberate, requiring time for sampling, evaluation and testing before increasing the volume of our purchases from you, in conjunction with our confidence in you and the appropriateness of your supply. However, once established, suppliers typically enjoy sustained, long-term relationships and we are proud that several of our supply partners have been working with us for decades (including some from our start-up in 1979) and we treasure each individual relationship.

Should you desire to do business with us, please contact us today.