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Our luncheon meat choices remain an excellent budget-friendly staple for today’s cook. Flavoursome and ready-to-use straight from the cupboard, the meal possibilities are endless!

About The Brand

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Innovation, Simplicity, Quality and Our People are the core values upon which the Family Choice brand has been established.

Family Choice is committed to meeting the ever-growing needs of the consumer by diversifying our flavour offerings and expanding our overall product range.

We strive to produce simple products which offer great versatility, and are easy to use and incorporate into the everyday meals of all consumers. We utilize simple marketing and messaging to really connect with our diverse audience.

We take pride in providing high-quality products that rival those found in the international market. Beyond sourcing the best ingredients, we aim to implement good quality management practices on our product lines to ensure all consumers enjoy excellent products once opened.

From our local manufacturing team to our consumers throughout the region, we value every person who contributes to the success of our products from the development phase to consumption.


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Family Choice Hot & Spicy Chicken Luncheon Meat | HIPAC Limited
Family Choice Smoked Chicken Luncheon Meat | HIPAC Limited
Family Choice Reduced Salt Chicken Luncheon Meat | HIPAC Limited
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