Supporting Local

Supporting Local Industry In Barbados

How HIPAC Limited Supports Local Industry in Barbados

As a matter of course, we at HIPAC Limited recognize the importance of supporting other Barbadian manufacturers and suppliers.  By doing this, we are not only supporting the jobs of people working in those businesses (whose families are key consumers of our products) but we are constantly helping to challenge these businesses to stretch and reach higher standards of quality and competitiveness which they in turn can use to compete more effectively in the international market.  We are proud that several of our local suppliers have been working with us for decades and we treasure each such individual relationship. Whether pork or chicken farmers, ingredient or packaging manufacturers, web developers and graphic designers, machine-shop or laundry, we seek out quality-oriented, competitive local suppliers and we encourage and support their best efforts to partner with us as trusted providers of world-class quality materials and services.

Should you be interested in discussing the opportunities in doing business with HIPAC Limited as a small to large enterprise based here in Barbados, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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