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Farmer’s Choice

Our flagship brand, Farmer’s Choice, comprises an extensive range of chilled and frozen products. “No exceptions, no substitutions” are made in the production of foods under the Farmer’s Choice name including a delicious range of bacon, breaded and burger products. To experience the flavour of our Farmer’s Choice products, be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!

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Family Choice

A range of delightful canned products is available under the Family Choice name: luncheon meat featuring an exciting variety of chicken options such as smoked, spicy and even including Halaal. Attractively packaged in tins with distinctive blue labels, Family Choice is a great tasting line of tinned meats.

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Stack 'em, Crack 'em, Snack 'em! | Smoked, Reduced Salt or Hot & Spicy New Luncheon Meat Options | Family Choice
Bar Pac Picnic Ham | Bar Pac | HIPAC Limited


Over the years the Bar Pac brand has made its mark by providing delicious bone-in hams to locals islandwide. With a distinct smoke flavour, Bar Pac offers a range of fully cooked frozen hams of varying sizes for all to enjoy.

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At HIPAC Limited, we manufacture some products under the EVE label on behalf of various third-party distributors across the region. We are proud to produce EVE chilled sliced meats, EVE frozen bacon, burgers and wieners, and EVE canned luncheon meat products.
HIPAC Limited produces a range of products for the HOME brand, including breaded chicken chunks, chilled sliced ham, bacon, wieners and luncheon meat.