Bar Pac | A HIPAC Foods brand

Bar Pac

Our range of fully cooked bone-in hams boast a mild, tender, smokey flavour, making them the perfect centerpiece for holiday traditions and celebrations year-round!

About The Brand

Bar Pac Picnic Ham | Bar Pac | HIPAC Limited

We place Quality, Passion, Consistency and Relationship at the foundation of all we do at Bar Pac.

We strive to demonstrate best practices throughout the entire production cycle to ensure consistent, top-quality finished goods for consumers to enjoy.

We are passionate about our products and ultimately our brand. With passion at the forefront, we are committed to expand our product offerings in the future.

It is our commitment to deliver tasty, delicious products to meet the standard our customers have grown accustomed to. Our distinct flavour profile allows us to stand out against the competition, and so we aim to deliver flavoursome products every time.

We are dedicated to building and maintaining relationships with external customers and our colleagues. Ultimately, we aren’t just building a brand, we are building a family.

Specialty Recipes