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Farmer’s Choice

Experience true Caribbean flavour with our range of tasty breaded, burger, wiener and sliced meat products. Known to excite the palates of meat & veggie lovers of all ages, our products make excellent meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

About The Brand

Honey Glazed Pineapple Ham | About Farmer's Choice | HIPAC Limited

At Farmer’s Choice, our hallmarks are Innovation, a Great Focus On Quality, being a Family Brand and Our Consistency.

Farmer’s Choice is always looking for ways to meet the growing demands of the consumers while at the same time maintaining our Barbadian flavours. This has led to our vast and ever-growing product range.

We believe in having a reliable brand and we have therefore placed great emphasis on the consistency of the brand especially in the areas of taste and quality.

Quality is a pinnacle pillar for the Farmer’s Choice brand. We have an entire department dedicated to ensuring the quality of our products are always at their highest standard. This allows us to stay true to our motto “nothing less than the best”.

Farmers Choice’s is a family brand and because of this we try to listen and respond to the needs and requests of our consumers as much as possible. We value the feedback we get from our customers who to us feel like extended family.

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